We are photographers and videographers (or cinematographers for those of us who aspire…), we are designers and developers, editors and administrators. We are people people, but if you combine all of the above into one thing…at our core, we are creatives!

So why is it a camera thing then? Well, moving forward, each month you will hear from a key member of our team in various departments. Luckily I drew the short straw and am the first cab off the rank. 

My name’s Matt, and while most of our clients and followers know me as the founder of Blink, I also am one of the company’s Head of Departments. I look after the production side, managing our ever growing team of videographers (aspiring cinematographers I mean of course) and photographers.

I’m the person who got the Tyco video camera for Christmas at 11-years-old and saw the original ‘Back to the Future’ in cinemas with my dad…from which point I was destined to become a filmmaker. Or at least try.

What a lot of people don’t know is that I wrote and produced two independent feature films. One even got a limited theatrical release in the United States in 2017. But it truly was the best and worst time of my life. Unless you’re Disney and making the latest Marvel or Star Wars film, independent filmmaking is a volatile industry to invest in.

During that almost decade, I worked for a local real estate video production company; the pioneers of it here in Australia in fact. It was during that time I had the opportunity to learn how to shoot properly under the tutelage of the best in the business. The 38 hour work week didn’t exist, but ultimately that’s what allowed me to eventually lead my own charge and start Blink.

The name came from the book written by hollywood film editor Walter Murch. He talked about how, since the dawn of cinema, we have watched films at 24 frames per second. But with the rapid change from a wide shot, to a close-up, to a POV shot, how was it possible that we followed along with the narrative of a story…? 

Well the simple answer was…we Blink.